Digital Counter Multi-Funtion Digital Counter
DN-UC-6DMB series(72*72)
DN-UC-6DMA series(72*72)
DNK-UC-6AM series(72*144)
DN-UDC-6EM series(72*72)

Ideal for monitoring and controlling production numbers, coming with red LED and in a pretty large variety of models, tens in number, from hand dial digital counter to the latest microprocessor based counters, all conforming to DIN specs, allowing you to conduct accurate counting and obtain full control over production values such as length, RPM, revolution, flow, piece quantity and packing quantity.

Timer Multi-Funtion Digital Timer
Timer Relay(48*48)
Programmable Timer

Microprocessor based timer, timing range: 0.01sec to 9999hrs, intended for high accuracy timing control. While the conventional model timing relay is limited in function its relatively low price is convincing. The timers by KONDA ELECTRONIC come in several models only however they already cover most specs available in open market. KONDA ELECTRONIC timers feature optimal quality thanks to SMT production in addition to the very reasonable prices.

Temperature Controller Microprocessor Temperature Controller

Ideal for temperature control and also fit for control over humidity, pressure, flow volume, etc. Provides functions beyond expectation such as 2 sets of output, 3-set alarm setting, and microprocessor program control, etc.

Voltmeter, Current Meter Volt Meter
Current Meter

Voltmeter test range: 0 – 50mv, 0-5V, 0-1000V Current meter test range: 0-19.99uA … 0-10.00A. Allows you to specify either DC or AC spec. Comes with models such as display only or display + set output control, etc.

RPM, Line Speed Meter Tachometer
Line Speed Meter

Microprocessor based RPM meter, Line Speed Meter, offering multiple functions, coming within accuracy of 0.03%, allowing display of test values or additionally set output functions.

Sensor Proximity Switch(7 Items)
Photo Sensor(5 Items)

For application as counter signal sensor with a working voltage of 10-30DC V also for other applications in auto control when devised with a magnifier.

Others MICRO=Temperature Controller
Micro-Temperature Controller
Current Indicator
Current Indicator (Control Panel)
Magnetic Floating Bearingless Fan

For application as counter signal sensor, also for application in auto control positioning detection when devised with a magnifier.

Digital Counter
Temperature Controller
Voltmeter, Current Meter
RPM, Line Speed Meter
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